National Medical and General Biology Competition (NMGBC) is a national-level scientific competition for high schoolers. Here, students from all over Indonesia will gather and compete in an extensive competition in the field of biology and medicine. There will be so much fun if you join this competition. You can explore the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia and have such a great opportunities to extend your relations.


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NMGBC 2013


1. Ivan Zulfikar (SMAN 1 Bogor)
2. Shanine Reilinvia (SMAK 5 Penabur Jakarta)
3. Bob Hartadhi (SMAK 5 Penabur Jakarta)
4. Kelvin Suriyaputra (SMAK 3 BPK Penabur Jakarta)
5. Noryanto Ikhromi (MAN Insan Cendikia Serpong)


NMGBC 2012


1. Kezia Stevanie Tanfriana (SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong)
2. Matthew Billy (SMAK 1 Penabur Jakarta)
3. Mochamad Mahendra Putra (SMAN 1 Bogor)
4. Rhogerry Deshycka (SMA Pribadi Bandung)
5. Anshorulloh Abd Fath (SMAN Unggulan Muhammad Husni Thamrin)

MCQ Test Result

Semifinal Result

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Silabus NMGBC 2012

Susunan Acara NMGBC 2012

Akomodasi NMGBC

AMSA-UI proudly presents :

NMGBC 2011


1. Harun Reza Sugito (SMAK 1 Penabur Jakarta)
2. Dyah Candra Hapsari Subagyo (SMA Santa Angela Bandung)
3. Lilie Fransiska (SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong)

Part 1

Part 2

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